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The website of Wuhan Dreiburg Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Haus Dreiburg”) http://www.dreiburg-cg.com, is the integrated portal website of Haus Dreiburg (hereinafter referred to as “this Website”), which is sponsored, designed and produced by the Haus Dreiburg, who is also responsible for the daily technical support and maintenance of the Website.

Please the User read this legal notice carefully before using this Website. Your use of this Website indicates that you should have acknowledged and accepted these terms. Users have to use the information and services on this Website in accordance with the requirements of relevant laws and regulations as well as this Notice, and bear legal responsibility accordingly.

Intellectual property rights

1.) The domain name, logo and proprietary Name

The domain dreiburg-bc.com, the integrated portal website, as well as the other registered domain names, trademarks and proprietary names on this Website are subject to the protection of relevant laws. Without the written consent of the Website owner, any company or individual must not use, or use them in a way which may lead to any confusion or ambiguity. The graphic identification, mark, logo as well as the Chinese and English names of Haus Dreiburg, etc. used on this Website are the proprietary marks of this Website, without written consent of Website owner, anyone must not conduct any usage, imitation and modification.

2.) Copyright

All content contained on this Website including, but not limited to: text, images, graphics, Logo, layout design, column directory and the name, content category pages, video and audio content, databases, programs, are owned by the Haus Dreiburg and by relevant owners. The contents, logos and software on this Website are all subject to the protection of the “General Principals of Civil Law of People's Republic of China”, the" Copyright Law of People's Republic of China", the provisions of international conventions relating to copyright protection and of the other relevant laws and regulations. Without written consent of the Website owner, any company or individual must not use the contents and services on this Website for any commercial and profitable activities; in case of non-commercial purpose and usage, the copyright laws and other relevant laws and regulations should be abided, and the rights of the Website owner as well as other relevant owner must not be infringed.

3.) Copyright dispute

In event of any claim that the contained text, image, audio or video materials, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "materials") on this Website may be suspected of infringement of copyright, this Website should be promptly notified, accompanied by evidential documents accordingly. This Website shall remove the claimed infringement “materials” or disconnect the relevant links in accordance with the law; in case of failure of providing valid personal identification, proof and evidence relating to the copyright ownership as well as the copyright infringement facts, it deemed not to raise the objections. In event of any error remove of "materials", or any error disconnect with the "materials" by such written notice, this Website does not bear any responsibility.

4.) Reprint

The content or service on this Website should not be used for commercial reprint or excerpts; for non-commercial purpose, the source of content or service: “Portal Website of Haus Dreiburg” should be indicated. Any media, website, company or individual should not misinterpret or modify the original sense of the content or service on this Website during the reprint or excerpts process. In case of such misinterpretation or modification, this Website retains the right of prosecution. For the purpose of transforming more information, this Website may reprint or excerpt information from third parties and indicate the source, but this neither indicates automatically any agreement to their views, nor bears any obligation of authenticity. Any media, website, company or individual who downloads or uses from this Website shall retain the source information indicated on this Website, and assume relevant responsibility of copyright law and other related laws themselves.


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