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Optics Valley·Wuhan start the Era of Free Trade

January 06, 2017

On the April 1, this year, China (Hubei) Free Trade Experimental Zone, Wuhan Area (hereinafter simplified as "Wuhan Area") was officially listed in the East Lake High-Tech Zone, which remarks the new FTA Era of the Optical Valley and Wuhan city.

What is the range of the Wuhan Area?

Wuhan Area covers 70 square kilometers all inside the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone, which is  the largest and most mature Area of Chinese (Hubei) Free Trade Pilot Area.
Seven specialized industrial parks are accordingly covered around, such as the East Lake Comprehensive Bonded area, the Optical Valley Biological City, the future Science and Technology City, the Optical Valley Center City, the Optoelectronic Information Industry Park, the Optical Valley Modern Service Park, the Optical Valley Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park.

What is the focus of the Wuhan Area?

Wuhan Area focus on the development of new generation information technology, life and health, intelligent manufacturing and other strategic emerging industries, as well as the international business and trading, financial services, modern logistics, inspection and testing, R&D designing, information services, professional services and other modern services.
What is the goal of the Wuhan Area?

  • An innovative and opening-up pilot development area,
  • advanced manufacturing and modern service industry demonstration area,
  • strategic emerging industries and high-tech industry cluster area,
  • the new peak of opening-up in central china,
  • the innovation and entrepreneurship center with global influence,
the "world valley" gathering and sharing global resources and Talent

Source: Optics Valley·China
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