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Single fiber for 13.5billion people at the same time

January 07, 2017

Communication for 13.5 billion people at the same time by single fiber
Wuhan Posts and Telecommunications Research Institute newly achieved breakthrough in the field of optical telecommunications  

According to Xinhua News Agency [Reporter Xu Haibo] The Wuhan Post and Telecommunication Research Institute announced on the Feb. 4th, 2017, for the first time in the country an wavelength division multiplexing and space-division multiplexing optical transmission system experiment with a ultra-high-capacity of  560Tb / s has been achieved, which means that it is possible for 13.5billion people to communicate at the same time with just a single fiber, this indicates a higher level in the R&D of the “ultra capacity, ultra distance and ultra speed” optical telecommunication system in China.
This experiment uses independent intellectual property rights of single-mode seven-core optical fiber as transmission medium. Different from the ordinary fiber, a single-mode seven-core optical fiber is equivalent to seven ordinary fibers into one. According to the expert from Wuhan Post and Telecommunication Research Institute,to compare the fiber information transmission to the highway, the ordinary fiber is just a single lane, while the single-mode seven-core fiber is equivalent to 7 parallel lanes of the highway, which is to provide 7 times the transmission capacity of an ordinary fiber.
Through breakthrough in process and technology, the single-mode seven-core fiber has solved the crosstalk problem of the multi-core fiber, with an isolation degree of - 70dB, which reduces the interference and impact between the “lanes” to the minimum level.
The innovation in the transmission medium on one hand, at the same time this experiment also used 16 single light sources, by the optical multi-carrier generation device, the transmission capacity of a single-core reaches 80Tbit/s, and the total transmission capacity of the system reaches 560Tbit/s.
As the key R & D base of optical telecommunications in China, Wuhan Post and Telecommunication Research Institute has made significant breakthroughs in the field of "Ultra-capacity, ultra-speed and ultra distance" optical telecommunication transmission in recent years. For the first time in 2014, a standard single-mode optical fiber C + L-band 100.3Tb / s capacity transmission test had been realized, in 2015 this transmission capacity exceed 200Tb / s, and in the same year, the commercial practice of "Three Ultra" technology achieved success.


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