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  • 01 Regulatory Compliance in Cross-border Renminbi Trade Mon, 2017 Regulation of cross-border renminbi transactions aims to achieve a combination of low key but pragmatic guidance for the market while maintaining a healthy respect for compliance requirements
  • 02 Economic transitions in the Outlook and Monetary Policy Fri, 2017 On 1 March 2017 the Director of the US Federal Reserve Board Brainerd gave a speech in the Harvard Kennedy School about the US economic perspectives and the monetary policy Here below is the text of the speech
  • 03 An Industry View of the “Belt and Road” Initiative Fri, 2017 China s “Belt and Road” Initiative is a major strategic initiative aimed at fostering trade and infrastructure development
  • 04 A Banker's View of the “Belt and Road” Initiativ Thu, 2017 A Banker s View of the “Belt and Road” Initiativ
  • 05 Optics Valley·Wuhan start the Era of Free Trade Thu, 2017 On the April 1, this year, China (Hubei) Free Trade Experimental Zone, Wuhan Area (hereinafter simplified as "Wuhan Area ") was officially listed in the East Lake High-Tech Zone, which remarks the new FTA Era of the Optical Valley and Wuhan city
  • 06 New Record of FDI in China Tue, 2017 According to the report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development on 1 February, the flows of global foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2016 were about $ 1 52 trillion, down 13% In the world, especially in Asia, FDI inflows
  • 07 The 14th “Light Expo" Tue, 2017 The 14th "Optics Valley·China " International Optoelectronics Exposition Exhibition Period: 3-5, November 2017 Exhibition Spot: Wuhan International Expo Center Hotline Exhibitor and Visitor: +(86)-027-871 152 59
  • 08 Single fiber for 13.5billion people at the same time Tue, 2017 According to Xinhua News Agency [Reporter Xu Haibo] The Wuhan Post and Telecommunication Research Institute announced on the Feb 4th, 2017, for the first time in the country an wavelength division multiplexing and space-division multiplexing optical

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