January 01, 2017


Wuhan East-Lake New Technology Development Zone has a planning area of 518 square kilometers, the total land area of ecological land reaches makes 282 square kilometers, accounting for 55%, and the construction land area makes 236 square kilometers, accounting for 45%, of which 80 square kilometers for industrial R&D. Currently an area of 100 square kilometers was built, of which 43.8 square kilometers makes industrial park.

Wuhan East-Lake New Technology Development Zone was established in 1988; in 1991 it was approved to be the first batch of state-level high-tech industrial development zones by the State Council; in 2001 it was approved to be the National Optoelectronic Industry Base by the former State Planning Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, namely, the “Wuhan·Optics Valley China "(hereinafter as the “Optics Valley”).


The “Optics Valley” has built China's largest manufacturing base of fiber optic cable and optoelectronic devices, and the largest R&D base for the optical communication technology, and moreover the largest industrial base for laser technology in China. The production scale for the fiber optic cable ranks the second in the world, and its domestic market share makes 50%, the international market share 12%; the domestic market share for the optoelectronic devices and laser products makes 40%, in the global industrial allocation it has also its place. The “Wuhan • Optics Valley China” has turned to be China's iconic brand in the global competition in the fields of optoelectronic and informatics technology.


Wuhan • Optical Valley China is not only the optoelectronic industry cluster, it is gathering other high-tech industries, it is the valley of wealth. There are 24,000 registered enterprises in Optics Valley, high-tech enterprises amounted to 672, of which World Top 500 Enterprises 65, listed companies 33. There are 8 Industrial Technology Research Institute, 39 Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance, of which the national alliance 8. And there are 466 provincial and national level Industrial Innovation Platforms.
Since 2009 the total income of high-tech enterprises maintains an average annual growth rate of 30%, the total economic output doubled in three years. In the ranking of the national high-tech zones, the comprehensive ranking of East-Lake High-tech Zone rose to No. 3.

The Optics Valley is also the second-largest intelligence-intensive area in China, so it is a true valley of wisdom. In Optics Valley, there gathers 42 universities &colleges, 56 provincial and ministerial scientific research institutes, 58 national academicians, more than 200,000 professional and technical personnel and more than 800,000 college students. Optics Valley also owns the only national laboratory in field of optoelectronics in China, namely the “Wuhan Optoelectronics National Laboratory”.

In 2013, Optics Valley’s patent applications amounted to 13021, accounting for 50.7% of the total patent applications in Wuhan.  10 international standards and 282 national standards were accumulatively lead and innovated by the enterprises from Optics Valley. In the national high-tech zone evaluation published by the Ministry of Science& Technology, the overall strength of the East-Lake High-tech Zone ranked the No.3 in the country, behind Beijing and Shenzhen; and its technological innovation capacity ranked the second in the country, only behind Beijing. According to statistics, in 2015 Wuhan's high-tech industry output value reached 770.1 billion RMB, up by 14.1%, accounting for 62.2% of total industrial output value.

The info and data mainly come from the Website of the Wuhan East-Lake New Technology Development Zone


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