January 26, 2017

Wuhan was used to be the largest heavy industry city in China, nowadays the transition and upgrade of the traditional manufacturing industry is going on. As representative branches there are optoelectronics, IT, bio-pharmaceuticals and intelligent manufacturing etc., which are increasingly rising, “New Made in Wuhan” is also rising. Prominent feature, focused advantage, layout of large industry are the consistent choice of each industry park in Wuhan.
Wuhan puts its great efforts to build the national advanced industrial manufacturing-center which supports the development of the Yangtze-River economic belt. From “Iron City” to “Optics City” and ”Silicon City”, innovation is becoming Wuhan’s core competitiveness and the most prominent city characteristics.
In 2015, the city’s GDP totaled 1,090.56 billion RMB, ranked 8th of the country, and 3rd of the sub-provincial cities. The total industrial output value amounted to 1,181.15 billion RMB, and the urban per-capita disposable income totaled 36,436RMB, up by 9.5%. The fiscal income of Wuhan was over 347.7 billion RMB.
In April 2015, Jones Lang Lasalle released the Power Index of Urban Development, Wuhan was on the 8th place. In addition, Wuhan is becoming more and more opening up year to year. France, the USA, South Korea and the Britain have set up General Consulate in Wuhan, and the visa to the USA, France and to the Britain can be directly applied and processed in Wuhan.
In Wuhan there are 6,515 enterprises with foreign investment and 230 enterprises from the World Top 500. According to the Foreign Affairs Office of Wuhan Municipal Government, to the present Wuhan has established International Sister-City Relation with 23 cities in the world. With the consistent depth of opening up to the world, Wuhan is believed to turn into China's most investment favorable city, and its market prospects will become increasingly broader.



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   - John Archibald Wheeler