• 01 WUHAN · OPTICS VALLEY CHINA Wed, 2017 Wuhan East-Lake New Technology Development Zone has a planning area of 518 square kilometers, the total land area of ecological land reaches makes 282 square kilometers, accounting for 55%, and the construction land area makes 236 square Kilometers
  • 02 DOMESTIC TRADE& FOREIGN ECONOMY Tue, 2017 DOMESTIC TRADE In 2015, the total retail sales of social consumption goods of Wuhan reaches 5,102 24 billon RMB
  • 03 FINANCE SECTOR & INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT Thu, 2017 By the end of 2015, Wuhan has 23 financial institutions with local headquarter, 33 financial institutions with local back-office service center, and 62 listed companies, among which 16 enterprises from abroad and 46 inland Enterprises
  • 04 WUHAN as MARKET Thu, 2017 uhan was used to be the largest heavy industry city in China, nowadays the transition and upgrade of the traditional manufacturing industry is going on As representative branches there are optoelectronics, IT, bio-pharmaceuticals and intelligent

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