Wuhan Dreiburg Business Consulting Co., Ltd., shortly  DBC, is located right in the core of the Wuhan East-Lake New Technology Development Zone ( also known as Optics Valley China) and is a steadily growing Company which aims at providing high-quality and rigorous consulting services in the areas of Chinese-European business promotion, development and transaction. Its objective is to support and mentor international and problem-oriented projects.

Chinese, German and English are our working languages. We understand the Chinese and western culture very well. For years we have cooperated and kept contact with local governmental communities, law offices as well as foreign companies. Since our establishment we have provided consulting services on different projects with success for our clients in diverse branches from the Optics Valley, the Yangtze River-Delta Region, Switzerland and Germany.

Should you plan to develop and expand your business in China or just have some related concerns, we can be your favored investment guide and supporter.

For detailed information on our services, please turn to the column Product or please write to us under:

E-Mail:  j.zhang@dreiburg-bc.com
Tele.:    (+86)-027-889 39 025
Mobile: (+86)-139 861 728 96

Wuhan East-Lake New Tech. Development Zone
Luo Yu Road No.889, 430000 Wuhan, China

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